Discover our Pool Bar


Within our residence, a bar restaurant with heated swimming pool

A Cabanella floats majestically on the heights of Propriano, in the heart of our residence. Open all summer, this oasis invites you to timeless moments, around and in its vast heated swimming pool. A place where harmony, elegance and conviviality intertwine.

In this chic and relaxed haven, each moment is savored like a rare gem. Whether sipping a cocktail with local flavors enriched with a touch of exoticism in the swimming pool, savoring a charcuterie board accompanied by a glass of wine, or enjoying a meal facing the sunset, A Cabanella promises unforgettable experiences.

At Cabanella, it is not just a pool bar-restaurant in Propriano, it is an experience: an invitation to lose yourself in the beauty of the moment, between sky and sea, in a setting that is both intimate and open on infinity.

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