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At Piatana

The Residence Piatana sits in a beautiful spot in a sun-filled grove of ancient olive trees redolent of the maquis. A peaceful secluded place where time passes more slowly. In a wild, natural site of great beauty, lulled by the sound of the cicadas, Residence Piatana is where relaxation and lazing about are the order of the day. Away from the hustle and bustle, tucked away in an old olive grove covering 2 hectares, Residence Piatana is 4 km from Propriano, 2 km from the nearest beaches, 800 m from the main road and 1 km from the small local shops. Consisting of 6 apartments (accommodating 2-4 people) in a large single-storey house, our Residence with its heated swimming pool, is a perfect mix of the picturesque nature of the island and the nearby sea...